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Team Teaching

WMS uses team teaching - a collaborative approach to instruction in which teachers for core subjects (Science, Math, English Language Arts and Social Studies) work together to plan and implement instruction for students assigned to their team.This allows teachers to share expertise, providing one another with valuable feedback about student needs and progress, and provides better communication with the student's parents/guardians. 

Panthers Team Teachers

The Panthers 6th Grade Teaching Team

2023/2024 TEAMS 

Administration: Mrs. Bauer and Mr. Walker (Grades 6 & 7), Ms. McGill (Grade 8)

Grade 6 Teams




Ms. Wilkocz

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Degnan

Mr. Lacon

Mrs. Stoneback

Mr. Cappa

Mrs. Belcher

Mr. Fenstermacher

Mr. Stovall

Ms. Clarke

Ms. Cucuzza

Mrs. Bauer

Mrs. Neild Mr. Linton Mr. Cappa
TBD Ms. Duke Ms. Marchesi


Grade 7 Teams 




Mrs. Stahl

Mr. Yost

Mrs. Donohue

Ms. Quatraro

Mrs. Meehl

Ms. Groark

Mr. Deckebach

Mr. Rongione

Mr. Angelitis

Mrs. Weninger

Mrs. Caufman

Ms. John

Mrs. Test

Mr. McSweeney

Mrs. Lewis

Mrs. Hill

Ms. Weiner

Ms. Barnett


Grade 8 Teams 




Mr. Wilson

Mrs. Dunn-Rodriguez

Mr. Towarnicki

Mrs. Smyth

Mrs. Rawley

Mrs. Mehler

Mrs. Berger

Mr. Johnston

Mrs. Lee

Mr. Hentschel

Mrs. Palubinski

Mr. Gunby

Mrs. Fiorito

Mr. Shoemaker

Mr. Andrzejewski

Mrs. Parkin

Mr. McGinty

Mrs. Scarry